Once an accurate value is established, Classic Advisory can help delve into the specifics of a client’s collection. Here are just a few of the questions that Classic can help answer for its collectors:

"What Should I Be Buying?"

Classic will work specifically with the client’s particular preference and then we can use those qualitative data points to match a proper allocation of their budget to go to the wines that they most enjoy. Once your collection value is established, we can determine your yearly budget percentage versus that value. We will also provide an analysis of yearly budget allocation to specific data points, such as varietal, vintage or geographic location to make sure your ongoing purchases are in sync with your current tastes.

"What Wines Should I Sell?"

Classic will get feedback from the client as to their preferences within their collection, potential long-term investment goals, as well as forecasted purchases to determine what, if any liquidation strategies may be employed within their collection. they are congruent with their current collection.

Often time’s client inventories contain bottles from old tastes and preferences, (even nuanced changes from California Cabs to Left Bank Bordeaux) from years back and can thus be over-weighted within collections. These wines that are no longer ideal for the client can represent a necessary rebalancing of the inventory and instantly provide candidates for proper liquidation. In other instances wines may have appreciated at or beyond expectations, and can then serve as potential liquidation options to roll the proceeds into their upcoming purchase budget.

Once a detailed liquidation analysis is performed on the client inventory Classic can then shift their focus to the current state of the secondary wine markets. We will determine which wines in your collection are timed nicely to take advantage of current price. We will also advise on which liquidation channel may be best suited for those wines, whether it be through auction consignment or via direct, outright purchase from a fine wine retailer.

What Wine In My Collection Should I Be Drinking?

Client’s often let their buying habits overwhelm their overall yearly consumption, where yearly industry numbers average 20 bottles accumulated each year versus 1 bottle consumed. The downside? This can often let portions of your collection approach, or even surpass, their maturity.

Classic can go through your collection doing a bottle-by-bottle analysis of the drinkability of your wines. We can provide a list of wines to consume in the short and intermediate term, but also provide detailed metrics of an opportunity cost analysis of to present options to the client for potential liquidation proceeds versus outright consumption.

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