Over the years, we’ve had clients come to us on a consistent basis again and again looking for our advice or assistance in selling parts of their collection from time to time. In response to that Classic created the Advisory Services Program that will fill that need and provide a fully organized and systematic way of liquidating your wine whether from a Classic facility or your home cellar.

With the Advisory Services Program Classic will manage the entire sale process from start to finish, including:

  • Presentation of collection to our network of global multiple vendors (including Auction Houses, Retailers and Fine Wine Brokers)
  • Negotiating all offers from vendors including pricing and payout terms
  • Discounted labor & materials to pack wines to be sold
  • Coordination of outbound logistics to the purchasing vendor(s)
  • Coordination of payment of proceeds to client

Aside from leveraging multiple offers and negotiating on our client’s behalf to get them the best price for their wines, the other major financial benefit of our Program is the fact that our clients receive preferred rate packages and terms from our vendors that wouldn’t be afforded to them on an individual collector basis. Depending on the size of the collection sale these packages can save our clients hundreds to thousands of dollars during the sale process. The preferred rates and terms often include:

  • Reduced Sellers Fees at Auction Houses and Retailers
  • Elimination of any additional vendor fees, such as inbound inventory, inspection, imaging
  • Expedited Payout Terms
  • Discounted Shipping Rates

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