Fort Worth

2915 RiverGlen Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76109-1810

operating hours
10a - 4p

Member Access
8a - 10p
7 days a week

  • Walk-in & private lockers
  • State of the art mobile entry platform and security
  • Convenient access to your collection 7 days a week, 365 days of the year

Classic Fort Worth opened in the Fall of 2013 and has over 18,000 sq. ft of space. Locker sizes range from 12 case, 24 case, limited 36 case (deeper lockers for OWC) and several different walk-in lockers.

Facility manager

Michael Cash

Michael enjoys educating customers, helping them discover fine wines and sharing his wealth of knowledge through his work in the world of wine. He completed his WSET Intermediate certification in 2011.


I don't have an inventory (or my inventory is out of date), can Classic help?

Absolutely! Our team specializes in helping clients without an inventory but also those that need a little help updating.

I currently store my wine in boxes, can I upgrade to the tube configuration when I move?

But of course! A locker with tubes makes it easier to find that specific bottle.

Do I have to lease a locker to be a social member?

Nope, by design our Locker and Social memberships operate independently (although we do recommend a locker to keep a few bottles handy for sharing with other social members!)

Are the locker prices the same in all Texas locations?

Yes, all of our DFW area locations have the same pricing for wine storage.