White glove delivery

Classic can pull wine from your locker and deliver it straight to your home, office or social club in our refrigerated delivery vehicles.

Ever wish you could send a quick email to your Facility Coordinator, have them pull a case of wine (or two), and have it delivered straight to your home, office or social club?

Classic's Delivery Service might be just what you're looking for.  Available now in select areas, Classic will:

  • Pull your desired wine
  • Repack it in a Classic box if necessary
  • Remove the wine your inventory listing
  • Deliver it to your DFW home, office or social club in our refrigerated vans

I Want White Glove Delivery!

Currently, White Glove Delivery is only in select areas. Give us your email and we'll notify you when it’s widely available.

Wine Shipments? No problem.

Have a big shipment coming in from Napa and want to enjoy some right away while storing the rest? 

No problem.

We can put part of your shipment in your storage locker, deliver a few bottles straight to your home, office or social club in refrigerated comfort and update your wine inventory so you know exactly what you have and where you have it.

We've Got Delivery Down COLD

All Classic home deliveries are performed by our own fleet of refrigerated delivery vans, so your wine is never outside of its ideal 55° environment during the entire process.  

What's Included

  • Each delivery fee includes up to four pieces (a piece is either a large format box or 12-bottle case; additional charges may apply for more than four pieces)
  • Delivery is limited to the DFW metroplex
  • Classic must maintain or have access to your inventory listing
  • Delivery cost includes pulling the wines, repacking if necessary into a Classic box, removing the wines from the inventory and delivery in a refrigerated van.