Classic’s team of cellar design specialists has unparalleled industry experience and a commitment to the quality and customer experience our clients have come to expect.

Classic Wine can coordinate your wine room project from start to finish. We’ve taken away all of the hassle by offering custom cellar clients a turnkey solution paired with a full suite of concierge services.

Classic believes that your wine room should be as unique as your wine collection, which is why our cellar specialists are committed to working side by side with our clients to create a functional, climate-controlled space that showcases your design style and your wine. Our relationships with a wide variety of rack manufacturers allow us to combine different design elements in order to achieve just the right aesthetic.

Dreaming of an old-world, brick-ceiling wine cellar, or a sleek, clean contemporary space, or maybe something in between? We can make it happen.

  • In-person consultation to discuss your vision
  • Full-color 3D renderings of your cellar design
  • A buildout timeline that meets your needs
  • An accurate bid prior to construction

We Offer Many Leading Brands in our Cellar Designs

Our Process

Classic’s wine cellar specialists will walk you through the entire process of design, construction, and installation.

1. Consultation

A new wine room begins with an initial phone consultation to discuss your vision and timeline. Following the call, an in-person appointment will be set to discuss the scope of your new construction or remodeling project.

2. Design

Our team then gets to work on bringing your ideas to life. With access to a wide variety of rack manufacturers, we can create a custom, one-of-a-kind look for your cellar space, ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between.

3. Construction

Building out a climate-controlled wine space is much like adding a room onto your home. Demolition, electric, HVAC/refrigeration installation, tape/bed/texture/paint, flooring, fixtures, and counter surfaces are just a few of the construction elements. Your wine cellar specialist coordinates this process from start to finish. We specify top quality materials and use only the best subcontractors in their fields.

4. Installation & Testing

The final step toward completion of your wine cellar is to install the custom-built wine racks into the space. Our installation specialists take pride in every last detail of the process. Our team will make sure that your wine room is at the proper temperature and humidity settings and ready to be stocked.

Turnkey Wine Collection Support

We strive to take the work out of wine by offering a customizable suite of services during the construction and installation of your custom wine space. Members of the Classic team will meet with you to discuss the services that would best suit your cellar construction project.

  • Short or Long-Term storage
  • Inventory Management
  • Packing & Refrigerated Transport
  • System Maintenance & Monitoring