Classic has a wine storage solution to meet your needs with sizes ranging from 12 cases to well over 1000 cases.

Since 2006, Classic has been recognized as the leader in private collector wine storage in Texas and is now expanding to other locations in the US. With our knowledge and experience we are able to help collectors throughout the United States with their wine needs. Our Facility Coordinators are certified sommeliers and able to assist in all aspects of our members wine collecting experience. Leasing a locker from Classic brings more than peace of mind; checkout our membership page to learn more about the benefits that you are automatically enrolled and the options to select a Social Membership.

Climate Control

Security & Access

Package Receipts

Pickup & Delivery

Perfect Temperature & Humidity

Just as wine is best served in the perfect environment, so wine is best stored in the perfect environment.  In this case, the perfect temperature and humidity controls keep your wine collection cool and comfortable... and most of all, in the optimal conditions to maintain value and flavor until it's poured in your glass.  

Backup cooling systems and generator capabilities will keep your wine safe, even if times get extra tough. 


Access When You Want

Security at Classic is second to none.  As a Classic member, you are given secure, mobile app access to your respective storage facility so you can enjoy your wine whenever it is convenient for you. Touch-less access control is just another way Classic is leading the way in customer responsiveness and working to keep clients safe in today's environment.

Never Miss A Package

Looking forward to your latest wine delivery but NOT looking forward to rearranging your busy schedule to wait for your delivery at home? Does it make you cringe to know what those extra hours in a hot delivery truck are doing to your wine? Take away all that worry. Have your shipment sent directly to Classic instead. Whether it’s a few bottles or several cases, Classic can take delivery of your shipments and get your new wine into your environmentally-controlled locker as soon as possible.

Let Us Come to You

Just because your prized wine collection isn’t located at home doesn’t mean it’s not easy and convenient to access. Classic makes your wine available virtually anytime and anywhere. Whether it’s a couple of cases you want for a social event or a couple of bottles for a quiet evening at home, Classic will take care of the delivery to the location of your choice as well as the pickup of any unopened wine for return to your private storage.

We can deliver it same day in most situations or you can schedule it in advance for larger, time-sensitive deliveries.

If time is of the essence, call us with your wine selection and we can have it pre-pulled from your secure storage and have it ready for you to pick-up at the door.

All of our deliveries are made in our TABC-permitted and refrigerated vans, ensuring that your wine arrives in the same pristine environment that it enjoys at our storage facility.