"All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle."

Carpe Vinum is the wine club curated with the wine collector in mind. We'll guide you to discover new collectible producers and regions - all with exclusive access to purchase club featured wines.

What makes this wine club different from others? First, the wines are hand-picked by our two sommeliers with you in mind. Second, you have an exclusive opportunity to purchase the wines from the club during the month they are released.

With a choice of two wine clubs, each offers a personal touch. Selections include wines that are off the beaten path, hard to find, winery-only releases, and so much more. We want to push the boundaries of your palate. We want our wines to tell a story, create an experience, and be enjoyed with others by transporting you to a specific place. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to grow your knowledge in the world of wine, all while being able to engage with the very people that hand selected the wine.

Our exclusive opportunity to purchase wine makes this wine club stand out. We work with suppliers, distributors, and wineries to secure a limited amount of each wine for our monthly clubs. In some months, these selections will be exclusive to our club only. Create depth in your collection and further expand your cellar.

Each club is an outlet to explore the world of wine with like-minded people. The club’s monthly price range allows us to hand select the optimal wines for the best experience. Each group has a monthly bottle minimum on each group, but don’t be surprised if we throw an extra bottle or two in one month! Every wine comes with tasting notes and pairing suggestions to not only educate but encourage further exploration. 

So Why Join Carpe Vinum?

Value Upfront

Each month you're tasting great wines that are priced at the absolute best price before you make any kind of commitment on adding the wine to your collection. For example, your club box might include two bottles with a regular retail of $120, but we have them available to you for under $95 for that month. 

In-depth Tasting Notes

Every month, you'll have a full array of in-depth tasting notes on each wine with information about the winery and family. We'll also include some of our favorite dishes to cook and share with the wines. 

Somm Selected

Every club is curated by our sommeliers to give you exclusive access to important producers you won't find just anywhere. When available, we'll feature winery-only wines and some wines not sold in stores. 

Prices Meant for Collecting

As a Carpe Vinum member, you'll receive the best pricing on any wines you love and want to collect from the club features. No matter if you want three bottles or 3 cases, you're getting the best price we can offer. 

Join In the Selection

Have you ever wanted to see what a "day in the life" is like for a sommelier to taste and narrow in on the perfect wines to feature for the club? Each month, we'll randomly select one member to join us for the process. 

Club Nights

Invites to special member-only events at Classic to get together with other club members. 

Purchase Your Favorites

With every club, you'll have the opportunity to purchase additional bottles for your own collection. There's no better way to find new wines you love.

2 Clubs To Choose From

Heavy Rotations

If you want to geek out on wine, this is your place.

This is the sommeliers selection club that features the “off the wall” wines we just can’t get enough of in our own collections and bring to the table with our friends in the industry. Sharing stories of the winery, digging in deep into regional history, or looking at geological maps and soil types, we want to talk about why it’s all relevant and matters to what goes in the bottle. This journey will also take you down the alleys of great albums and singles that we feel with our wine selections. From Neil Young, to the Beastie Boys, to John Coltrane, we will be crate digging so you can have the full sensory experience of wine selections from every corner of the earth, with a focus on harder-to-find producers and collectibles.

This club captures the moments when you wish you had another bottle because the first one was so good...or when instead of flipping the album, you just listen to side A all over again. These are the wines and albums that are constantly on a heavy rotation for us.

You’ll receive two-four bottles per month. Each monthly subscription will range between $150-199, so we can curate the best experience of wines for you. Monthly selections will be a healthy mix of white, red, sparkling wine, and the occasional rosé, all from harder-to-find collectible producers.

  • Hard-to-find collectible producers with an old world focus, including some exemplary new world producers.
  • Discovery guide featuring history of the winery, tasting notes, and thoughtful food pairings for each wine.
  • The opportunity to purchase more of the limited selection of wines, at the guaranteed lowest price, for your collection.
  • Exclusive access to videos about the featured wines, paired with music, great food, and the occasional guest stars.


For all of our "bubble heads" out there, this is all for you!!

We love sparkling wines of all styles and from all regions, especially Champagne, so no matter how you open a bottle of bubbs, we just want to drink with you. This is the sommeliers selection club focused entirely on incredible Champagne and sparkling from around the world- with a heavy focus on outstanding grower-producers. We will feature special vintages and cuvees, plus different styles like Brut Nature down to Demi-Sec, all the while covering how versatile sparkling wine is with a diversity of foods!

Sparkling wine isn't just for celebrations, it's perfect all the time. We're excited to share our favorites with you.

You’ll receive two-four bottles in your club box, every other month. Every other month, the subscription will range between $150-199, so we can curate the best experience of wines for you. Monthly selections will be a healthy mix of Champagne, Champagne Rosé, and other Sparkling wine from around the world- all from harder-to-find collectible producers.

  • Hard-to-find collectible producers with a Champagne focus, while featuring great sparkling from other regions like Cava, Franciacorta, Jura, Willamette Valley, Sta Rita Hills, and many more.
  • Discovery guide featuring history of the winery, tasting notes, and thoughtful food pairings for each wine.
  • The opportunity to purchase more of the limited selection of wines, at the guaranteed lowest price, for your collection.
  • Beginning April 2021, with the following club months: June, August, October, December, February 2022, and so on.

Who's Making These Great Selections?


Clare Gillette

Clare Gillette joined Classic in 2017 as our Director of Wine Sales to manage and grow the wine merchants operations for all three of our Classic locations. Before moving to Texas, Clare spent a significant time in the wine importing and distribution side of the business working with some of the most sought out, collector-worthy wineries and portfolios from all over the world. It was during college that she caught the wine bug, leading her to graduate with a Viticulture & Enology degree and to pursue Sommelier studies.

From Willamette to Burgundy, the Rhone Valley to Napa, or Piedmont to Champagne, Clare has travelled to meet winemakers and visit iconic vineyards as a forever student of the vine. Her expertise and relationships in the wine industry have been integral in elevating our Classic wine community and providing a higher level of value and service to you as our client.


Chester Cox

Chester brings over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Chester has worked in Fort Worth since 2003 where he spent 11 years as a sommelier at Del Frisco’s. That experience and level of customer service led Chester to spend the next handful of years creating experiences and finding hard-to-get wines for clients at Kent & Co. Wines and Ellerbe Fine Foods. During this time he also started a cellar management business that allowed him to organize, manage and stock cellars from 200 to 90,000 bottles.

As his consecutive, five-time award of "Fort Worth’s Best Wine Expert" by Fort Worth Magazine can attest to, Chester's level of expertise combined with years of concierge style customer service will help elevate your experience as a client with us.


How long are the club wines available for purchase to stock my cellar?

Each month, we set aside a set quantity of the club wines that are exclusively available for those club members to purchase. Some will be more limited than others, so we'll always let you know what we have to offer. During the same month, we will have these wines available to you as long as the wine lasts, as first come, first served.

How do I get my club shipment each month?

For each club release, we will have your club boxed up and ready for pick up at your Classic storage location, ready by the first Friday of the month.

Is there a time commitment to belong to the club?

Each club is billed on a month to month basis. While there isn't a minimum time commitment to belong, we ask that you give the club a try for a few months to see if it's the best fit or we can find another club that meets your style.

How do I add/change clubs, pause, or cancel my membership?

To make any change to your membership in your club(s), let us know by the 1st of the month prior to when you'd like to make the change. For example, If you're traveling in March and need to put the club on pause for the month, let us know by February 1. 

Can I give a club membership to friends and family as a gift?

A membership in one of the clubs is the perfect gift for colleagues, family members and friends who want to learn about and try new wines. Reach out to us and let us know what you're planning and we'll customize your club membership and work with you directly on how to get the club wines to your friends and family. 

What if I'm not a Classic storage member? How do I join in the club?

Please reach out to us using the "Reserve My Spot" button, fill out the information, and we'll reach to you to coordinate the closest Classic location for pick up, or we can look at other options of delivery.