Allocation sharing

We'll connect you with other Classic members across the metroplex who are interested in sharing your wine allocations. 

Year after year, we hear from Classic members that are contemplating dropping off their winery allocation lists for a host of different reasons; whether they are nearing capacity in their cellar, looking to trim their annual wine spend, or are simply on too many lists.

On the flip side, we have members that ask us if we know of anyone who as a certain wine, as they would like to add it to their collection.

Being a member of Classic allows you to participate in the Allocation Sharing program which provides an alternative solution to dropping off a mailing list. With this program, Classic will put you in touch with other Classic Members who are interested in purchasing from your allocation, allowing you to remain on the mailing list for future allocations. After you have received your allocation from the winery, just fill out the form to let us know the wine allocation(s) available; we'll include those in our weekly list shares. Our Classic+ members will receive priority access to the allocation list each week. 

In short, the program provides the following:

  • Flexibility to pickup vintages that are most desirable to you year after year 
  • Keeps your spot on the winery‚Äôs allocation list
  • Recoup your cost for each allocation

Classic makes the process easy with the following steps:

  1. Submit your allocation(s) to be evaluated by our team to confirm interest in your allocation(s). Please submit a separate form for each individual wine allocation.
  2. Once we confirm we've received your allocation and pricing information, Classic will publish the list of allocated wines each week, or as they come available. We will connect you to other members who are interested in your allocation, allowing you to conduct payment separately. 
  3. Have your allocation(s) shipped to your Classic location like usual; we'll send you a package receipt upon arrival. When the wine arrives, you should have all the information you need to complete the allocation share with the other Classic member. 

How to Get Started

To get started, simply fill out the Share My Allocation form. After that we will get started on the process outlined above. One thing to keep in mind is that the type of wines collectors are interested in are normally the harder to find, higher priced wines. 

Share My Allocation

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